Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson

I am 150% satisfied with Mays Home Health. I would not be walking and getting around today if it wasn’t for Mays nurses and therapist. You can’t go wrong with Mays!

Ruth Dunham

I am very happy with Mays Home Health services. The nurses are very sweet and caring. I am very thankful to have Mays providing my care.

Annette Snead

Mays is a lifesaver! They were there for me after my surgery and looked after my wounds until they were healed. I love all the nurses they are all very nice.

Harold Eaton

The nurses were very helpful and informative, everyone was. Always called before they came out so you know they are coming. It was a first time for Home Health use and we didn’t know what to expect. The situation we were in, never had a heart attack before, we...